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The Answer To Your Home Family Car Storage Questions

family-home-carStoring your family car isn’t always easy, especially when you are have a busy house with not much space. There isn’t really a guide on where to store you care but I am here to help and let you know that you do have options.

How To Keep Field Mice Off Your Car?

When the cat is away, the rats will play. If you hate rats roaming around your house, you won’t like them playing in your car either. Not only because they’re gross but also because they can actually cause damage in your car when they gnaw seats, wirings, etc. If you wanna have a peace of mind, make sure you clean your car before leaving it in car storage with Autovault. Check if you left any food inside and thoroughly check for food wrappers because the smell is inviting to them. Aside from those, leaving bars of Irish spring soap or cluster of mint leaves on the floor works too, mice are repelled to their smell.

Do You Need To Jack Or Not?

The answer to this question depends on how long you will need the car to be stored, type of the car and the situation of the location where you’ll be storing your ride. If it’ll only take a few weeks or a couple of months, there won’t be any need for you to jack it up as long as it’s properly inflated. However, if we’re talking about years here then go ahead, especially if the storage site is prone to floods, far from friends or relatives who could check on it, or you’ve put in a lock down car storage facility. Also, type of cars with features that can sag or distort shouldn’t be jacked up.

Should The Gas Tank & Fresh Oil, Lube & Filter Be Full Before Storing It Away?

Lube, oil, and filter, yes. But gasoline, it depends. Will you be storing your car for just two months or two years? If it’s the latter, then it’s definitely a no. Because chances are, your gas is already dead by then. Does the car storage facility allow full gas tank onboard? Check your contract first, because if they don’t then that’s another no for you.

What’s The Best Material To Use For Storage Cover?

Proper automotive cover that is made up of synthetic and natural fiber is the way to go. This material is great because it lets air through the cover but not dirt and water droplets so there are no water spots, blisters, chalking or discoloration, due to trapped moisture, that can mess with your paint job.


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Different Ways To Use Acrylic Mirrors At Home

VB-220x220-mirrorsMirrors are part of every home. It could be décor mirrors or mirrors used for other purposes. The mirror industry has continued to incorporate new innovations and technology in order to keep up with the growing demand of the market. Among the latest advancement which the mirror industry has taken advantage of is the use of acrylics. Acrylic mirrors are now introduced into the market which started inn the business or commercial sectors and are now moving to homes. Acrylic mirrors are now used in big houses and mansions. There are many ways to use acrylic mirror in your home and they are:

  1. Security mirror – New convex mirrors are used as security mirrors that are made of acrylic. Acrylic mirror can provide a 360 view of the area making it far more effective than other types of mirror as a security mirror.
  2. Cabinet mirror – The traditional glass cabinet mirror often breaks if the cabinet is closed with too much force. On the other hand, acrylic mirror will not break that easily making it the better choice for cabinet mirrors.
  3. Window panels – Window panels are always great to add to the aesthetics in your home. However, it poses the risk of having the glass breaks from a ball or any foreign object. By replacing your window panels with acrylic mirrors, you don’t have to worry about a glass or a stone breaking your window panels.
  4. Wardrobe panels – Your wardrobe panels are important to help you check your appearance before going outside the house. Your glass panels will deteriorate faster than you think. However, acrylic mirrors can last way longer than glass panels thus perfect as wardrobe panels.
  5. Wall tiles – In places like your bathroom, wall tiles are now incorporating glass mirrors. However, mirrors are very fragile which could break if a mishap happens. Acrylic mirrors can solve this issue.
  6. Floor mirror – Sometimes, people would prefer to install mirrors on their floors. However, since glasses are sharp at the edges and could break, it is potentially dangerous. On the other hand, acrylic mirror can be merged with another acrylic mirror without any seams making it perfect as wall tiles.
  7. Ceiling mirror – Ever like the idea of having a mirror on the ceiling of your bedroom but too afraid that a heavy glass mirror can come crashing down on you at any moment? Acrylic mirror is the solution for you. It is light weight and easy to install but more durable than any glass mirror.

Now you know several ways to use acrylic mirror at home.

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Key Cutting For Emergency Situations

One type of call locksmiths receive regularly is emergency calls. People would ask for their services as soon as possible and would like them to resolve their problems quickly and smoothly says local UK locksmiths, Fast Keys. People with emergency situations that require locksmith services would always choose to call local locksmiths since they are based within the area and can quickly come to aid. This is important since time is crucial during emergency situations.

According to professional locksmiths, they would often receive emergency calls early in the morning or very late in the afternoon. There are also cases which they receive emergency calls in the middle of the night. It is very rare where they receive emergency calls during other time of the day. Locksmiths would receive these emergency calls while they are still at their house or after their regular working shift. In some cases, they are already sleeping when they receive calls asking for their services.

There are several reasons why people would ask for emergency assistance from the locksmith. When locksmiths receive emergency calls early in the morning or late in the afternoon, such emergency calls are often about car locks where keys are lost and they need to use their car to get to work or come home after work. There are also cases where people simply locked their car while the keys are inside their cars. Most of the time, locksmiths would provide key cutting services to create a new car key for the customer. For keys still inside the car, they will simply break into the car without damaging any parts of the car.

For emergency calls in the middle of the night, these calls are often about break in which the security and the lock of the house are compromise. Though when the locksmith evaluates that the people simply forgot to lock their doors and windows giving access to burglars, they will not replace the lock unless the keys are missing. When the locks are damaged, they will install a new set of lock after the cops are done with their job. Regardless of the reasons, people would ask the locksmith to replace the locks for them to feel safe inside their homes.

The rate of emergency locksmith services are higher compared to regular rates. The main reasons are time when their assistance is required as well as the urgency of the job. Most local locksmiths provide emergency services not only to gain extra cash but also to help their customers overcome emergency situations. If you encounter emergency situations which require key cutting services, contact your local locksmiths to have it resolve immediately.

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Tips In Arranging Hotel Bedroom Furniture

SuiteA hotel needs to feel like a home. So when starting a hotel business, it is not enough to put all the hotel bedroom furniture inside the room. It should be arranged properly. For most hotels, they would often hire an interior decorator to do this for them. Interior decorators can efficiently arrange hotel bedroom furniture and give that hotel room a homely feel. However, not all can afford to hire an interior designer. If you have to arrange the furniture yourself, then here are some tips in arranging hotel bedroom furniture.

  1. Check the bedroom size and furniture size. – It would be a waste if the furniture doesn’t fit the room. Make sure that the room is spacious enough to accommodate furniture comfortably such as a bed, table, chairs, closet and drawer.
  2. If carpet is an option then put the carpet first. – There are hotels which use carpets aside from tiles. If your hotel has carpet then place the carpet first before arranging the furniture. Some may cover the whole floor with carpet while others would put carpet just beneath the bed to provide a cushy area for the guests to step on.
  3. Start with the bed. – The bed is often the largest piece of furniture in the room. Therefore it is wise to start with the bed. The bed should be placed near the wall without door or windows. Make sure to provide a small gap between the wall and the bed to avoid vibrations and sounds to travel to the bed from the other side of the wall.
  4. Go from big to small. – The larger furniture is a lot easier to arrange but a lot harder to move than small furniture. Arranging the larger furnet first will avoid any unnecessary moving nor instances where the furniture will not fit the arrangement.
  5. Provide enough space between furniture. – There are times when guests drop some things between the furniture or the guests will walk between furniture. Make sure to provide sufficient space to avoid giving inconvenience to the guests.
  6. Prioritise both appearance and functionality. – The arrangement of the hotel bedroom furniture should be pleasing to look at while also makes sense. Guests would appreciate it if the furniture is arranged for their convenience while also pleasing to the eye.
  7. Test the arrangement. – To check the impact of the furniture arrangement to the guests, running a trial run would be better. Large hotels would test everything including bedrooms before opening their business.
  8. Rearrange if necessary. – If there are some inconveniences found during the trial, do not hesitate to arrange the furniture again.

Now you know how to arrange hotel bedroom furniture. If you can seek an experts advice then go for it.


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Services You’re Going To Need If You’re Into Home Improvement

Unless you’re a pretty skilled handy-man I think we can all agree that DIY is entirely not worth it. Instead of your house looking homely and like your very own castle you’re stuck with bodge jobs that fall apart at any inopportune moment. So be a bit wiser and hire some professionals, the money is worth it trust me. If you are wondering whom exactly you’ll need just follow this list below.


You should without a doubt hire an electrician, in fact it is now illegal for your home not to be up to regulation standards and besides who doesn’t want a nice cosy home without having to deal with flickering lights like you’re being haunted by a poltergeist.commercial-electrician_1


Much like an electrician a plumber is a complete basic necessity when it comes to home improvement, water can be a great damage to your home, something you really don’t want. With dodgy plumbing you could even end up with a lack of home comforts like hot water. If you don’t hire a professional you could end up with a bodge job, and if you want that you might as well have done it yourself.plumber

Carpet Layers Or Carpenter

Although hardwood floors are becoming popular in home design now carpets are making a great comeback. Who doesn’t love snuggling up on the carpet with a loved one, or the feel of the fabric in-between your toes.installation

Plaster And Rendering

Walls can be pretty difficult to maintain in a home, especially when there are so many things that can cause damage be it damp, land movement or even simple accidents in around the house. If you are looking for a reliable company visit Eco Rend.plaster


Now unless you are an expert painter hiring someone to paint your walls is probably a good idea. Unless you want streaks along your wall for everyone else to see, I mean if that isn’t a testimony to your bad DIY then I don’t know what is.Painter

All though hiring professionals is always a good idea, try not to get too bogged down with it, I’m sure there are some things you can do like…flower arranging? Happy home improving!

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